BIO 290/CS 290/BIO 599 - Spring 2015

General information

The course schedule (subject to updates through-out the semester) is available here.

Find information on homework assignments here.

Find information on additional graduate (BIO 599) assignments here.

Find information on in-class exercises here.

Shared class notes in the hackpad (thanks for Jess Patnode for creating and maintaining this!).

Course materials


Find the course syllabus here.

Lecture notes

All of my lecture notes are publicly accessible, either through SpeakerDeck (for slides), Gist (for IPython Notebooks, python scripts, data sets, etc), or An Introduction to Applied Bioinformatics. See the Lecture slides and Primary reading columns in the course schedule to find links to the materials for a lecture.

Text book

The text book for this class is An Introduction to Applied Bioinformatics. This is a free, online book. Currently there is no paper copy available.

IPython Notebook

The IPython Notebook server used in class is accessible here. You’ll get the password in class. Note that you can only access this system from NAU IP addresses, included ethernet connections on campus, via the NAU wireless network, or via VPN when off-campus. Thanks to ITS Academic Computing for supporting this server for our class.

IMPORTANT: you cannot leave any data in the class IPython Notebook server. You should always download your saved notebooks when you’re done working on them for the day, and then re-upload them when you’re ready to continue working. Notebooks left on the server can be deleted at any time. The notebook server is restarted nightly at 4:30am, so any commands that are running at that time will be interupted, and working at that time will make you especially prone to losing some data.

Turning in your homework by email

Your homework must always be turned in with a standardized name. That name should be <nau_id>_<homework_id>.<extension>, where <nau_id> is your NAU identifier (for example, mine is jgc53), and <homework_id> and <extension> are provided on a per-assignment basis.

Unless otherwise noted, homework must be turned in by email to Arron ( before class on the day it is due.

Other information

CS 290 counts as a Technical Elective for Computer Science and Applied Computer Science degree programs. BIO 290 counts as a major elective for the Biology degree programs.