Caporaso Lab Teaching Website

Current and upcoming courses

BIO 450 / BIO 590 Fundamentals of Bioinformatics, Spring 2021 (website coming in Fall 2020)

An Introduction to Applied Bioinformatics (IAB)

Dr. Caporaso’s interactive, Jupyter Notebook-based introductory bioinformatics text, An Introduction to Applied Bioinformatics, is available for free here. For more information see Dr. Caporaso’s blog post on IAB and the IAB website.

Caporaso Lab Office Hours

All lab member office hours are open to the public.

Due to COVID-19, during the summer of 2020 all office hours will be held by video conference, and by appointment only. To schedule office hours, please contact lab members by e-mail or Slack.

Resources for getting started with bioinformatics and Python

See the IAB reading list for resources for getting started in bioinformatics.