Lecture 3: From DNA to protein (part 1): DNA to mRNA


We’re going to start hitting the biology pretty hard, and you’re responsible for understanding the concepts in my lectures and in the text. If you don’t understand a concept, look it up! A good place to start is Molecular Biology of the Cell or Stryer Biochemistry on the NIH Bookshelf.

Transcription in the bacteria and the eukaryotes Final levels of proteins are affected by the efficiency of each step in the process from DNA to protein, as well as rates of degradation of mRNA and protein.

One gene to one protein is NOT accurate: it’s a many-to-many relationship * Overlapping genes * Introns and alternative (cis-)splicing * Alternative genetic codes * Trans-splicing

Gene expression: different levels of expression governed by many factors

You can find discussion of these points, as well as many of the figures I used, in Molecular Biology of the Cell on the NIH Bookshelf here and here.